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‚ÄčFish~Eat~Sleep ~ Off Grid Workshop Retreat

Eliguk Lake Lodge offers Exclusivity! A resort that caters to one group or booking at a time! You can truly escape civilization here. Giving the traveler the best possible experience with their custom tailored excursions & retreat packages. Fantastic views of the majestic outdoors, nature inspired lodging & meals that create a differentiated experience. This off-grid, fly-in resort is in a unique lakeside location in one of the most attractive wildlife abundant parts of Central BC's Chilcotin range. Bordering several parks, mountains, lakes and volcanic terrain in which to explore. Rich in heritage, and native culture it's a part of the famous Alexander Mackenzie Grease Trail. Eliguk lake is also the headwaters of the  famous Blackwater River. So bring your gear and let's go OFF the GRID fishing! 

Aron & Jennifer Toland