Aron & Jennifer Toland are dedicating their next chapter in life to restore Eliguk Lake Lodge                                and create a life of solitude in the Chilcotin wilderness. A resort promoting clean energy & self-                              reliance. They offer outdoor adventure retreats giving the traveler the best possible experience                                with their custom tailored excursions.

The Tolands are skilled in all areas regarding business operations pertaining to this lifestyle. Apart from Aron obtaining his pilots license and being a "Jack of all trades" - the couple have several homesteading skills & attributes together. Some of which include, wildlife management, OFA 3 medical training, registered assistant hunting guide, environmental & wildlife awareness, wildlife management, health & wellness, food safety, gardening, herbal lore, livestock farming, gourmet cooking, entertaining and a good love for the outdoors.

Eliguk Lake Lodge is 275 miles North of Vancouver on the Eastern edge of Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park or a 15 minute bush plane ride North of Anahim lk. Located North of the Rainbow Mountains in the Cariboo Regional District between the Coastal Mountains and below the Interior Chilcotin Plateau, just a 1/2 kilometer South of the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Grease Trail. The area is well known for it's historical pioneers, ranching and native culture. It is surrounded by the Ilgachuz Mountains and has a vast majority of lakes all naturally stocked with wild Rainbow Trout, with an abundant amount of wildlife. Eliguk lake is 5 kms long and is the headwaters of the famous Blackwater River.

We are more than just a great hunting and fishing destination. This is the perfect spot for exploring, and the possibilities are endless. Backpacking and hiking, horseback day trips, survival camps, fly-out tours, wildlife photography, foraging, sustainable living courses for preppers, snowmachine tours, ice fishing, warm cozy fires and delicious food. If there is something not listed that you want to do - just ask, we can probably arrange it.!

Fishing is the greatest attraction to Eliguk, known for it's own strain of wild rainbow trout that flows through the Blackwater River. 


Wilderness Fishing Resort & Off Grid Workshops...

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