​At Eliguk Lake most fish are caught near the surface using a dry or wet fly. Fly fishing is encouraged because it is more fun, less damaging and, generally more productive. Eliguk Lake is now limited to barbless, single hook lures or flies. No bait. Catch and release is advocated, and usually necessitated by the number of fish you'll catch. It will help ensure that the outstanding fishing we now enjoy will continue, we hope, forever. Putting a day in at the lake fishing can hook on an average of 50-60 trout anywhere from 14" - 22". There are moments when 5lb test line is snapped with larger trout and the fight that entails just trying to land one! The East end of the lake has a shallow inlet where the Blackwater River starts and is great for hip wading.

12' Aluminum boats with motors are available for fishing guests. If you are up for a troll and a paddle, take the aluminum canoe and float in the misty lake while you enjoy the loons call. Groups past have used a number of flies by motor-mooching, or slowly retrieving size #6 - #8 black flies: a Doc Spratley, or a more simply-tied wet emerging chironomid pattern works well on Eliguk. Anchor and cast dry emerging chironomid pattern to rising fish. A few other true tested combinations are; Black beadhead wooly bugger on a sinking line; Tom Thumb or green gils monsters. Since the most prevalent bugs on the water are large midges, a lime green Doc Sprately on a floating line does a nice job of hooking the trout. There's a new hatch on the lake every 2 weeks!

Recommendations from one of our frequent fly fishermen - Hook sizes should range from #4 to #6 to #8.

Carey Special & Muddler Minnows – (the ones with some red or yellow/orange in them are nice; if you can find one or tie one where the whole fly is bright yellow/orange – they work really well!
Doc Spratley (Preferably red or green)
Black/Brown Wooley Buggers – any pattern.

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​Fishing Rates include meals & lodging. Rates do not include transportation, boats, fishing license, taxes or gratuities.(inquire for more details)

Boat & motor Rentals are  $100/day.

$250 CA - Per Person/Per Night.

Limited dates available.

Packages and rates are tailored to suit your vacation. Fly outs are available at an extra cost. Inquire today and we can build a special getaway for you.